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"It's EV.com" is a Community Site for environmental and energy issues.

This is the site, managed by volunteer members who participate in the electric powered vehicle programs or related jobs. The aim is an open forum for electric powered vehicle technology.

We would like to exchange information about,
- How to utilize newly developed EV/HEV technology
- How to raise performance of EV/HEV units such as battery and motor.

Weekly News
Toyota P-in hybrid start fleet by 8 vehicles   2007/07/25
They convert Purius into P-in via special approval of on road use by the minister for the development of quite new technology. The customer can choose gas or electricity, so it is difficult to define the fuel consumption by a mode. They will continue 3years fleet test and decide the AER for the production. They will start from 13km watching the battery cost and the charger infrastructure.

Honda quits continuing Accord hybrid for the next model year   2007/06/23
They quit hybrid in 08 MY Accord. To limit hybrid for Civic and the new sub compact brand, they will use diesel for larger vehicles such as Accord. Defer from Toyota, they set diesel as main stream technology for environment

Japanese P-in hybrid AER may reach 30km   2007/06/19
Toyota, the leading hybrid car maker, will set the all electric range spec of their under developing P-in hybrid car. That is almost the same as EPA short time target.

Toyota postponed 09MY Prius hybrid   2007/06/19
Because of the change of the hybrid system based on Li-ion battery, the development and the production for NMH battery may take additional half a year. They will start to sell it from spring of 2009.

Honda new hybrid car will take NMH battery   2007/06/19
They will use hybrid battery for their new small hybrid car for cost reduction. In US market, the largest market of hybrid cars, they will stop tax incentive for consumers. The sales price limited their decision.

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